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Debra Messing: The Jew Crush

Irving Berlin: The Jew Crush

Liev Schreiber: The Jew Crush

The Ten Cinco De Mayo-mmandments

Like most American appropriated holidays, Cinco de Mayo as celebrated in the U.S. is a far cry from its origins. Ay carumba.

Originally, the date is observed in Mexico to commemorate its army’s unforeseen victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla. For those who live in Mexico, the day is mostly ceremonial and paid tribute to through solemn customs like military parades.

Met Gala If Held During Olden Times

Actors who portray princesses and talking animals in films seem to come the closest to living in a fairy tale — but every spring, the lucky few (spoiler alert: they’re all top-tier celebrities) step into a night of real, live enchantment at the annual Met Gala.

Every year around the time when the air turns warmer and the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, Hollywood’s elite gathers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue for an extravagant night of whimsy and fantasy rivaling the elaborate universes created for them on the silver screen.

Debbie Filler: The Jew Crush

Judd Apatow: The Jew Crush

The Ten Potmmandments

Don Rickles: The Jew Crush

Maksim Chmerkovkskiy: The Jew Crush


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